Poverty Talks is an organization in Calgary made up of those who are living or have lived in poverty, advocating for the needs of those in poverty. This includes advocating for better policy at the community, municipal, provincial and federal levels as well as challenging the way society thinks of people in poverty at large through community conversations.

As of February 2016 Poverty Talks officially joined Vibrant Communities Calgary as the Advisory Group to the Board of Directors of Vibrant Communities Calgary and the Enough for All strategy to reduce poverty in Calgary.

This blog site is for periodical updates and thoughts from our members, and is not updated regularly. We are building a main site currently that should be available soon.

We can be contacted at info@povertytalksyyc.org
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  1. I would like to make a suggestion. After reading your web page, I would like to suggest that it be updated. All of your blogs are more than 8 months old. As a person who is looking for a program to support, I would like to see current events and updated stories. thank you

  2. isn't International Day to Eradicate Poverty coming on October? Your site should update this. Just a suggestion.\


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