"Why Food Security?" By Sue

Today's Post is by Sue, A steering committee member

Okay so I started answering the 3 big question I was asked: Why did you join PovertyTalks!?, which I answered in the first blog. The next, Why is peer relations the hill you chose to die on? I answered in the second blog and now last but not least here is the answer to question number 3, Why are issues surrounding food security so important to you?.

Food is not just nourishment for the body but also the mind and soul. Don’t get me wrong after years of grocery shopping for 5 people and many pets I dislike the grocery store as much as the next person. In fact I can honestly say I don’t know a single person that enjoys doing grocery shopping. But for people who live in poverty the grocery store is the juggernaut that reminds you that you don’t have enough food to feed yourself, your family and your pets and no money to buy any food to change that.

The grocery store is a place that you feel you are not welcome. It’s open and inviting but you can’t afford to go in. The grocery store is a loved enemy for so many in our community. Big box stores are even worse. If you can’t afford one, how the hell can you afford huge packages? And the price they ask you to pay you to shop in their stores? People living in poverty can’t afford to pay for the privilege of spending what little money they have in your store. The concept is ludicrous (no this has nothing to do with a rapper from the States).

You will say people can go to the food bank and other food programs that are available. Yes you are correct they can. But you know what is missing from that model? Choice. So we have programs that are heavy on starches and low on vitamins and proteins. The human body needs a balanced diet to be at its prime but it is not possible to achieve that when your only food source is food banks. The idea of feeding the mind, body and soul is not just a concept I came up with one day but a proven factor in growth and development of people of all ages but especially our young.

Food security to me is three things: The choice to shop and get the things you need when you need them, the ability to cook healthy and nutritious food for yourself and family, and the knowledge required for the other 2. Right now as a society we are failing on all 3 fronts and cry when it becomes obvious. Remember the minds we fuel with sugary cereals and canned pasta are voting all over North America...

Have a Great One!
Sue Gwynn.

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