Year in Review from Amber

Today's blog post comes courtesy of Amber, a member of Poverty Talks!

As we wind down and celebrate the Christmas season, we realize that this time of year is hard for a lot of people around us.
I'm trying desperately to remember, that I am surrounded by my family and friends this time of year.
And appreciating all of the wonderful support that Poverty Talks! has had this year!
We are blessed to have the supportive city and province that we live in.
We have had many great successes in reducing poverty in our city this year.
From the sliding scale on Calgary Transit, to Pay day lenders, to $25 dollar a day childcare, to many more things.
I look back on the last year, and all of the wonderful work that individuals, communities, and non-profit sectors have worked on the Enough for All strategy in Calgary, and hope that every single one of those are proud of the work that has been done as well.
It has shown, and proven, that by working collaboratively, we can achieve a successful, more sustainable, more friendly, inclusive and loved society.
Going forward in 2018, I do believe we can achieve so much more as a whole.
Thank YOU, each and every one of you for your continued support.
Merry Christmas. I hope you are surrounded by love, family and friends.
That you stay warm, safe, and wholesome over the holidays.
All the best to all of you, in 2018!!

To read more from Amber, visit her blog "Calgary Life in Poverty"
Happy Holidays from all of us at Poverty Talks!
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